All _about_ us

All about us

Our Why

At TDWCo we have a simple goal: to change the world by helping businesses reach their potential and helping you live an authentic, fulfilled & successful life.
We are dedicated to delivering our goal every single day in everything we do.  TDWCo is all about releasing inner potential and helping our clients achieve all the things they are capable of.

Whatever your objective is, whether it is living a life of more joy, achieving an exceptional relationship, getting the job you want, starting your own business, creating new connections with your friends and family, or becoming an extraordinary and inspirational parent, at TDWCo we are committed to helping you make the lasting changes you need to achieve the life that you want.


TDWCo Team

We are are so fortunate to have a team of people aligned to a common purpose and sharing the same values of helping you live your best life to create a better world.

  • Tori Dixon-Whittle

    Tori Dixon-WhittleFounder

  • Duyên Tran

    Duyên TranCustomer services

  • Tuyet Nguyen

    Tuyet NguyenClient Services

  • Le Thi Tinh

    Le Thi TinhAccountant

  • Andy Hoang

    Andy HoangTech Whizz

Tori Dixon-Whittle Founder

Tori Dixon-Whittle

Tori is fascinated by and committed to exploring human potential and dedicated to helping others live and work with passion and purpose to their full potential. In her consulting, training, coaching & speaking work she brings to her clients and audiences knowledge & skills gained through over 20 years of study into the realm of personal and professional development, world-class training in new high-performance coaching tools, university education in science, economics, anthropology and language, over 30 years experience in the performing and visual art worlds and a strong entrepreneurial spirit backed by years of experience and success in the business world. Born and raised in Australia and now living in Hanoi, Tori is an avid adventurer and has travelled extensively throughout the world relishing experiences such as biking 580kms around Cuba, motorcycle riding through beautiful Vietnam, 4WDing over the Salt Lakes of Uyuni, Bolivia, skiing the highest peaks in Queenstown, New Zealand, digging for witchetty grubs with the aboriginals in Outback Australia, NT, dancing with fire in Fiji, backpacking throughout Europe, acting in a film in Hollywood, USA, and trekking through the Incan ruins in Cusco, Peru (with her 3 children then aged 1, 4 & 7yo).